Become a Dealer

What Etuners Motorsport dealer does

  • Using our tools, you read the original settings from the customer‘s car
  • You send the settings file to us via the internet
  • We tune the file
  • We send the modified file back to you
  • You simply upload the new settings to the car

Why join us as a dealer?

When you become one of our dealers, you enjoy a variety of benefits:

  • Local custom
  • Full support
  • The potential for strong profits
  • No franchise fees
  • No dealer set up fees

Etuners Motorsport tuning package

When you join us, you receive:

  • The latest tuning technology
  • A complete training package for reading and writing ECUs, if needed
  • Phone or email support when you need it
  • Links from our website to yours
  • We can build your local website
  • Access to our Facebook page for upload your work
  • Customers in your area are passed directly to you when they inquire by phone or online
  • Constant updates on new software or new vehicles allowing you to tune / remap the very latest vehicles

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